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About Us

Never in a million years would I have ever believed I would have a quaint little store in my hometown, and yet here I am.  Welcome to “The Jenny Wren”,  We are Dan and Jennifer Miller, lifelong residents of Holmes County.  We love Jesus, and we dearly love people.
In the fall of 2016, shortly after my grandfather passed, I painted my first piece of furniture, falling in love with the process and the balance that I felt while creating.  I realized that I not only loved breathing new life into old pieces, but I was actually quite good at it too. After two years of traveling to some of the largest furniture shows in the area, a corner storefront in historic downtown Millersburg, Ohio became available and here we are.
When Dan and I sat down and started prioritizing what we wanted in a storefront, one theme continued to come to the forefront- We wanted to sew back into individuals that had creative flair, that made beautiful things out of the simple joy of doing so.  We wanted to provide a gorgeous retail storefront where creators could showcase their wares without being inundated with the management side of the business and we also wanted to offer high-quality wares that were hard to find in this region, at price points that everyone could afford.
And so the journey began, to find the most unique, high-quality items available.  Items that you won’t find in a million other storefronts, created by individuals fueled with passion and talent beyond our wildest dreams, items that are offered at price points that take your dreams of creating beauty in your home - to a reality process.  We have some of the most beautiful, high-quality items you will find, at some of the fairest prices around. Our items are not mass produced, but come from small batch creators and every single item is unique - so if you like it, you should definitely purchase it as you won’t see another item like it again.  
We can style a room in your home, or we can style your entire home.  From Lighting to solid wood furniture, to simple gift giving items... we encompass a broad range of wares in a myriad of prices to suit everyone’s wallet.  We can even provide you with a design expert.
The beauty of purchasing through us is this: each time you purchase from our storefront, you are literally sewing into the family that created the item via financial blessing.  Many of our creators have ministries they are pouring into financially, many of them create to put food on their table... and you are literally sewing into them by supporting them through your purchase. We love the journey we are on and the journey goes way beyond Dan and I.
I want to thank you for stopping by our page and thank you for sharing our story with your friends and family.  We look forward to seeing you in our store, we look forward to sewing back into our little community and we thank you in advance for your unending support of our vision and success.  It takes an entire village to make the mom and pop stores thrive in this region and we want to thank you for partnering with us and sewing back into the beautiful people that create for us.
Blessings to you,
Dan and Jennifer Miller, Owners