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Lets Nurture them to be Queens

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Lets Nurture them to be Queens

I really have a heart for little girls.  I love them.  They are our future nurturers and leaders and lady bosses.  Full of life and creative in spirit, giggly and sweet.  They make my heart smile.

I love it when I have an opportunity to connect with our younger generation of ladies..  I want to hear their thoughts and their dreams, who their friends are and what their struggles are.  If you have little girls in your world, talk with them - they have a LOT to say and will tell you all about their worlds if you give them a chance. 

I can't imagine all of the pressures of growing up in the world today.  Technology really wasn't a thing when I was young, I didn't have a cell phone at 13 or 16 or even 18.  It was still that archaic wall mounted phone with the curled up cord that you would stretch as far as it could possibly go - down the hallway and into the bathroom- if you wanted some privacy while talking.  It makes me giggle when I think about how funny these kids would think that was now.

I was made fun of a LOT growing up. My Teeth, my skinny legs, blooming later than everyone else.... the list is endless ( and makes me giggle now.)  I don't think we recognized it as bullying as much as we looked at it more like a right of passage, or just kids being kids.  It was harsh, it was hurtful, and it made for a lot of tears.  There are things that I can remember and a lot that I can't, but its all Ok because it made me who I am today.  That experience also made me determined to raise my kids to be kind.

My heart really goes out to girls.  We live in a world where skinny is everything.  Where you have to be your most glamorous self ( lets get real, most of us struggle with body image/satisfaction) - Where you are judged for every move you make, every struggle you face, and every shortcoming you experience.  

 Life is hard, we shouldn't make it harder on each other. But more times than not, we do.

Mommas, Your pint sized lady bosses are learning from you.  Watching every move you make.  They are watching you when gossip, they are watching when you shuck kindness to advance, they are watching how you handle your friends.

they are watching.

I wonder what would happen if we were all an extra dose of diligent to simply be kind.  To believe the best in each other, to speak life into brokenness, to nurture through adversity instead of gossiping, to pray extra for those we know are struggling with strongholds instead of being judgey.

I have been on a journey to be diligent......  My hearts desire is to exude an abundance of Love and a boat load of Grace.  It isn't always easy.... There are days I am not feeling much like love or grace ( I need a time out on those days, I will be the first to admit it.) I am so far from where I truly want to be but so determined to get there.

I would love to have an army of women join me on a journey of diligence.  To show our little ladies how to empower instead of tear down, to walk in grace with other women instead of being so doggone hard on each  other.  

Today, and in the days ahead....  be diligent to be kind.  Its simple.  Its beautiful.  It can change everything.

Let's teach our ladies how to be Queens.  Lets teach them how to empower.  Lets teach them how to walk through adversity with one another.... fixing the crown of the one thats struggling.

Be your Best You.  I believe in you ~ Jenny wren

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